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Ana marsh

My name is Ana Marsh and I have witnessed firsthand how mental wellness can create a longstanding, positive impact on the lives of human beings.

I have over thirty years of experience, including over two decades in the New York City Department of Education. My true passion remains at the core of socio-emotional, emotional intelligence and mental health work. I have dedicated a substantial amount of time and patience in the areas of mental health and school administration. My extensive career work includes positions as a High School Principal and Assistant Principal, Youth Development Director, Bilingual School Social Worker, Pediatric Mental Health Therapist, Substance Abuse Counselor, and Program Coordinator throughout various regions of New York City for the past three decades.

Due to my knowledge of counseling, school leadership, and neuroscience, I have fostered tremendous growth in the lives of individuals, families and groups. I consistently encouraged community members to thrive and overcome trauma through healing techniques, motivation and inspiring action. By helping to unlock their greatest potential, strength and resilience, I had the gratifying experience of witnessing individuals succeed in education, career development and family life. I wholeheartedly believe that when we are well mentally and emotionally, we do better in the world.

New York, USA 



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