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Upside dream

Staying up late at night ? Experience a calming and peaceful sleep with upside dreams. In one study, adults who listened to 45 minutes of music before going to sleep reported having better sleep quality beginning on the very first nights.


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  • Yashab is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Nagpur, Maharashtra. 

  • He graduated from Hislop College, Nagpur with a Bachelor in Arts degree and decided to pursue his career in music. As a producer, he started composing and producing music since 2017 under the artist name Jasper and has created music in R&B, hip-hop, pop, cinematic, techno, psy-trance, progressive rock instrumental, melancholic, and many other genres. Some of the instruments he specialises in are - Piano, Tabla, string instruments and various percussions. He belives music is the key to all knowledge. 


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