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Symphony saint  

Symphony is a genre of classical music that originated in the late 18th century and continues to be a popular form of orchestral music today. It typically consists of four movements and is written for a full orchestra, which includes strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

At its core, a symphony is a complex and harmonious composition that tells a story through music. Each movement of a symphony has its own character and mood, ranging from lively and joyful to somber and contemplative. The first movement is usually the longest and is typically characterized by a fast tempo and a sense of urgency. The second movement is often slower and more lyrical, while the third movement is typically a minuet or a scherzo and has a lively, dance-like quality. The fourth movement is usually the most dramatic and features a grand finale that brings the symphony to a satisfying conclusion.


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Teja is a Hyderabad based Musician specializing in Music Production, Composition, Mixing and Mastering. Not just infusing modern elements of Indie Pop and Pop Ballad, Teja continues to push the boundaries of Contemporary Music.

Starting his Music Career at the age of 17, Teja's repertoire consists of an acoustic variety including Country, Pop, Ballad and Soul.

Currently pursuing Under Graduate degree at National Institute of Technology, Trichy, splitting his time between studies and Music.

Teja's Passion for Music was kindled by the truth and rights message and revolutionary sounds drawing influence from artists like Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran, backed by soulful harmonies.

In this world of Infectious Pop culture, Teja is a role model for youth, preaching individuality and self-love


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