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Instrumental peace

Instrumental music can positively affect your brain since it improves cognitive ability, helps you solve complex problems, and assists in critical reasoning. Intensive instrumental music training in childhood is hypothesized to enhance brain growth in specific brain regions, lead to a left-hemispheric shift in music processing, and enhance performance on visual-spatial, mathematical, verbal, and manual dexterity tasks.

Through the studying of instrumental music and playing in ensembles, students learn countless lifelong skills that help them develop into intelligent, creative leaders. They also improve their physical motor skills by honing their abilities at a piano or a variety of other instruments. Listening to instrumental music because it heals your soul. It's the best gift you can give yourself after a tiring day to feel relaxed.










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  • This Playlist is developed by NIRVAAN with the intention to Calm people. Calm you. 

  • Each cell of your body absorbs the sound and vibrates with positivity, just as these Calming music are intended for.


  • Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the healing properties of music and the role music and meditation play in health and wellness. 

  • These calming, peaceful music tracks will guide you into a deep relaxed state. Allow the soft tones of the Instruments and soothing sounds of Nature to wash over you as you get comfortable, close your eyes and let go of any stress and ruminating thoughts from your day.

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