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Indie classical

Several studies on the physiological effects of listening to music while studying or doing any kind of activity, indicate that certain kinds of music boost concentration and productivity among several other benefits. A recent study done by Florida National University found that studying while listening to ambient music reduced stress and anxiety while improving performance, focus and brain function.

According to the study, the minimal beats and rhythms of ambient music–often used as background noise–is so effective that it is able to put the listener's senses at rest, resulting in lower blood pressure and heart rate. There is no specific key for ambient music but the overall mood of the music is scientifically proven to be calming for listeners. Some common types of ambient music include nature sounds, orchestra music and downtempo beats.




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  • This Playlist is developed by NIRVAAN with the intention to Calm people. Calm you. 

  • Each cell of your body absorbs the sound and vibrates with positivity, just as these Calming music are intended for.


  • Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the healing properties of music and the role music and meditation play in health and wellness. 

  • Meditating? Can't focus? We've curated this playlist just for you. Focus more. Meditate better. Live life one tune at a time.

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