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Mindful art

The main objective of practicing Mindfulness is to train our minds to remain in the present moment at all times. Art has always been considered one of the most effective means of doing Meditation. Practicing some specially designed Art Forms as part of Informal Mindfulness Practice, similar benefits can be achieved like formal Meditation.

Practicing Mindfulness Art on regular basis will help in training our minds to remain in the present moment and also acts as a tool to measure our progress every week so that it is found more interesting. These Art practices are very easy at the beginning but gradually as it advances get complex and more challenging for developing improved results. It is very much convenient, as there is no fixed schedule for practicing. It can be practiced at any place and any time, even with two minutes of free time one can practice it.

Practicing Mindfulness Art is not a time-bound routine exercise and obviously, one doesn’t get bored, instead engages more time out of interest only.  



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Subir Basu, sailed around the world for 25years as Merchant Navy Officer, then anchored ashore as Vice President with MNC. Completed MBSR from Palouse Mindfulness, USA. Practicing Mindfulness Art from past 12years.


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