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Modern Ballet

Performed by Zak

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Become a NIRVAAN Member, and unlock access to The 21 day of calm course + NIRVAAN’s full curriculum of 50+ transformational programs  for as low as $0.5 a day.

A simple 21-day program for everyone, No matter how crazy the outside world may be, you always have the power tune-in to a feeling of deep calm. This course will help you to connect to that place of peace and stillness within. It features a blissful full-body relaxation and a guided journey to leave you feeling strong, balanced, and of course, calm. So get comfortable and take this much needed time out for your body and mind. Enjoy.


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What will you learn?

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A host of content, tools, and resources to build your mental fitness.

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  • In this 21 day course, you will learn seven distinct techniques to help reduce, redirect or even remove anxious thoughts and feelings. The original anxiety established itself over days, weeks and perhaps even months. Therefore, repetition of the solution is key.

  • Each technique is repeated three times so that you get used to the "template." By the end of the 21 days, you will notice a reduction in your anxiety, and you will know which technique(s) work best for you. You can then revisit the individual techniques and really integrate them into your everyday life.

  • The real power of this course is allowing these techniques to become part of you and accessing them when you need them. They will allow you to empower yourself.

  • This course is suitable for everyone regardless of previous experience with meditation/mindfulness. Listen at your own pace. Revisit any technique at any point.



The flight pad - preparing your body & mind

Day 1

Introduction to calm

Day 2

The Balancing Breath Technique

Day 3

Come to Your Senses Technique

Day 4

Effortless Silence Part 1

Day 5

Introduction to calm

Day 6

The Balancing Breath Technique

Day 7

The Balancing Breath Technique



The take off - learning to meditate

Day 8

Introduction to calm

Day 9

The Balancing Breath Technique

Day 10

Come to Your Senses Technique

Day 11

Effortless Silence Part 1

Day 12

Introduction to calm

Day 13

The Balancing Breath Technique

Day 14

The Balancing Breath Technique



Starting to soar - practice makes perfect

Day 15

Introduction to calm

Day 16

The Balancing Breath Technique

Day 17

Come to Your Senses Technique

Day 18

Effortless Silence Part 1

Day 19

Introduction to calm

Day 20

The Balancing Breath Technique

Day 21

The Balancing Breath Technique

How to use it

While cooking , studying veetran list healing of movements
There is a wide range of benefits from listening to classical music aside from improving a person's mood and helping them to relax. Such beneficial effects include:
•    Improved sleep quality
•    Reduced stress
•    Better memory
•    Lowers blood pressure
•    Higher emotional intelligence
Listening to classical music can have these effects and more, but it's essential to choose the right music, especially when it comes to relaxation.  
So sit back and relax cause we have figured out the right combinations for you. Starting with this session, 




By  playing this playlist for a period of 21 days at the end of this course you will have a better cognition and consciouses states and you can use them in unique ways to shift your reality. Your daily practice of listening to this healing instrumental mix, will profoundly improve your over all heart health as found in this study


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  •  Zak vancurean  is an author, spiritual writer, wellness educator, and the founder of We are lucid Daily Online School. B.A. in Psychology from Duke University, with focus in neuroscience and philosophy. 

  • "Meditation and mindset work allowed me to turn a life of suffering, anxiety and depression into a life of infinite joy, freedom, and purpose. Today, I help other humans learn to reduce unnecessary suffering and embody their most free, abundant, and enjoyable lives."

  • Through his lyrical and organic writing and teaching style and experiences, Zaknn enlivens spiritual seekers looking to live with more intuition, empowerment, purpose, confidence, high vibrations, and grace.

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