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Into the spirits

In everyone’s life, sometimes, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with  another human being. We should be thankful for all those who rekindle our inner spirits and help us heal.

This track is totally devoted to people who want to experience the feeling of gratitude and spread it in the world. It helps in enhancing your mood, improving sleep and feeling happier. Playing this track for 20 minutes in the situation of sorrow, despair or misery will help you to calm down and think better. It ensures the flow of positive vibes when played during meditation.


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This is Ashwin, a music producer and a composer.

Music has always been within me from my childhood.I have been playing the piano since then.
I have completed all 8 grades in piano from the Royal College Of Music,ABRSM, based in London.
I don’t restrict myself to a specific genre of music and thus any form of music moves me in different ways or in other words this makes me a ‘Music Enthusiast’. In my opinion music is something that can reach your heart, when nothing else can!

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