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Focus Frequency

  • Listening to upbeat music can increase your focus and energy

  • Focus is crucial because it's the key to all thinking, including perception and memory, learning, thinking, problem-solving, and even decision-making. Without good concentration, every aspect of your thinking ability will be affected.

  • Pay attention to the frequency of focus for 30 minutes a day to boost your memory and concentration capacity. This frequency is  guided from alpha state to 11 Hz, It has 3 different layers of mono beat frequencies to help you focus and also help to improve your over all mood and ensure calmness in you.

Help you focus and raise your heart rate. Provide motivation and reduce fatigue during a workout. Target beats per minute (BPM) should match your heart rate during workout: Walking -115 to 118 BPM Power walking – 137 to 139 BPM Running – 147 to 160 BPM Boost your productivity at work

Your brain controls your focus by filtering relevant information and moving it to the next level for more complex processing. It also blocks interruptions caused by irrelevant pieces and bits -- a task referred to as effective selection. 

. When you are in an alpha state of mind, your brain is focused and productive. Alpha brain waves help you to:

  • Relax and focus

  • Reduce Stress

  • Maintain positive thinking

  • Increase your learning capabilities

  • Easily engage in activities and the environment because you are in a state of flow


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  • Siv is a composer, producer, and sound designer. He incorporates digital sound synthesis, 
    field recordings, found sounds, and samples and straddles multiple musical worlds without 
    identifying with any genre. Drawing on his formal training in Indian classical music and Sound Design, 
    he combines ragas with raving synths and evolving pads pulsing to nature's rhythms to create unique compositions.

  • To him, every song has a narrative and music is anything that can touch a soul, comfort it and heal it

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