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मस्तिष्क तरंगे

Meditation is a great tool to maintain a healthy balance of dialogue between your mind and your body. This is a simple technique that you can practice anytime and anywhere to alleviate stress and restore your energy 

इसे प्यार करना? इसे रेट करेंइसे प्यार मत करोमहान नहींसंतुष्टवास्तव में अच्छाइसे प्यार करनाइसे प्यार करना? इसे रेट करें

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  • A former software engineer now a life coach Preethi dons many hats. A health crisis led to a journey of self discovery that involved yoga, meditation and mindfulness. A certified power yoga instructor Preethi finds pleasure in the written word.

  • Including her own words. Her debut novel is on it's way to the publishers. If there is one word to describe Preethi Baladev it would be learning. She loves to explore and learn new ideas and concepts including other dimensions of the human higher consciousness.

  • Writer, motivational speaker and now a mindfulness coach, Preethi finds joy and purpose in exploring the magic of the human mind.

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