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Ease pain

  • Controlled clinical trials showed that people who listened to music before their procedure experienced less anxiety and required fewer sedatives. People who listened to music during surgery reported less discomfort. The use of opioid painkillers was reduced when music was playing in the recovery area. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are associated with anxiety.​

  • Patients with acute and chronic pain and those who have arthritis or severe pain have been subject to music therapy. Music therapy reduces pain perception, decreases the need for pain medication, relieves depression, and gives patients a better sense of control over their pain.



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  • Pain Playlist is developed by NIRVAAN with the intention to heal people. Heal you. 

  • Each cell of your body absorbs the sound and vibrates with positivity, just as these Ease pain playlist is intended for a Overall, decreases pain perception, Which will reduces the amount of pain medication needed, helps relieve stress related to it

  • Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the healing properties of music and the role music and meditation play in health and wellness. 

  • Meditating? Can't focus? We've curated this playlist just for you. Focus more. Meditate better. Live life one tune at a time.

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