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Depression relief

Music has powerful effects on the mind. Different styles of music can have a significant effect on a person’s mood very quickly, and it can help them experience and process a wide range of emotions, from happiness to excitement, as well as sadness, calmness, and thoughtfulness. Depression Relief playlist is a pure and clean frequency that can help remove mental blocks and open a path to a more fulfilling life. Studies suggest that music therapy can improve symptoms of depression, with those undergoing music therapy along with standard treatments for depression — such as talking therapy — improving more than people who only received standard therapy. This frequency is  guided from 13 Hz to 18 Hz, It has 2 different layers of mono beat frequencies to help you focus and also help to improve your over all mood and ensure calmness in you.


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  • Siv is a composer, producer, and sound designer. He incorporates digital sound synthesis, 
    field recordings, found sounds, and samples and straddles multiple musical worlds without 
    identifying with any genre. Drawing on his formal training in Indian classical music and Sound Design, 
    he combines ragas with raving synths and evolving pads pulsing to nature's rhythms to create unique compositions.

  • To him, every song has a narrative and music is anything that can touch a soul, comfort it and heal it

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