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Ambient music has transformed from post-modern art into its influential genre. The form was fully realized when pioneer electronic musician Brian Eno officially coined ambient music in the late 70s. We bring to your ears our meticulously designed music to discover the secrets of the most elusive genres. The sounds are usually long and deep intrusive and ethereal, and they blend into each other seamlessly. Ambient Music can help you fall asleep much faster, and get better sleep, as long as you set it up properly. Studies have shown that listening to ambient music to help you sleep absolutely works. Listening to this playlist for 20 minutes before sleep will help you to relax and sleep peacefully.



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  • NIRVAAN aims to bridge the gap between Meditation and Mindfulness through healing frequency based music. We teach the world the importance of inner healing through frequency-based music

  • We believe that where medicines fail, music & mindfulness can heal.​ Listen to the healing playlist which practicing inner healing for a happier and healthier life.

  • Enjoy  the  soothing rain and thunder as sound therapy. This ambient nature sound will help you find deep rest and assist you in cultivating a peaceful restorative sleep.

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