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मस्तिष्क तरंगे

Research has shown that listening to water Soundscapes can provide a long list of benefits for our mind and body, including lowering stress and anxiety, increasing an overall sense of well-being and happiness, a lower heart and breathing rate, and safe, better workouts.

Listening to nature sounds like rain, fire, and wind can bring you in a mildly meditative state and make you feel relaxed and calm. Research has proven that spending time near the water is essential to achieving elevated and sustained happiness.

इसे प्यार करना? इसे रेट करेंइसे प्यार मत करोमहान नहींसंतुष्टवास्तव में अच्छाइसे प्यार करनाइसे प्यार करना? इसे रेट करें

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  • This Playlist is developed by NIRVAAN with the intention of helping you connect to nature sounds and make you relax  

  • Each cell of your body absorbs the sound and vibrates with positivity, just as these Healing music are intended for.


  • Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the healing properties of music and the role music and meditation play in health and wellness. 

  • Meditating/Sleeping ? Can't focus? We've curated this playlist just for you. Focus more. Meditate better. Live life one tune at a time.

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