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मस्तिष्क तरंगे

Indian classical music is unique. Because of its organic roots, the alignment of the raagas with the time of day, and its association with a gamut of emotions or “rasas”, Indian classical music sets the stage for spiritual and physical healing. Our indigenous spiritual wisdom speaks of the multi-dimensional nature of our being, Oasis is such a symphony of classical music welling strings, ethereal textures, and scintillating effects It will transport you to another world.

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  • Dreamed to be a singer, started as an audio engineer and ended up being a Songwriter/ Music Producer

  • Born and  brought up in Bhopal, Priyank was exposed to the Indian folk music. Father being a fan of ghazals andSufi music and elder brother being into indie pop, he got to hear a lot of different Indian music growing up. Has assisted music director Ram Sampath as an audio engineer for songs and score of the movie Raees and a number of add jingles like Airtel, Datsun, Kotak, thumsup, Discovery and more. 

  • Worked on background music of Indian daily soaps and Cartoon shows for a couple of years. Now based in Los Angeles and is working freelance along with focusing on his own music.

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