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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are we ?
    NIRVAAN is an Indian-Govt funded startup that aims to bridge the gap between meditation and mindfulness through healing frequency-based music. We impact the world through mindfulness - especially to those with Anxiety/Depression, Our therapy is a combination of best practices and concepts from psychotherapy, counselling mindfulness, Indian philosophy & Science-based healing music can help you and your loved ones find more calm and focus in just a few minutes throughout the day. We Believe that to truly see change in how we feel and act within Life, we have to engage from the roots. This is why we focus on helping you heal rather than teaching you a skill
  • Can I choose my therapist as per my own needs?
    Yes. Finding the right therapist who is the right fit for you may not happen immediately. You may need to try speaking to a few therapists in order to find a comfort level. You may also need to choose a therapist who specializes in your problem. You can choose to work with the best online therapist in India and the best online counsellor in India for your needs, through NIRVAAN. We are a platform that connects you to the best online therapist in India.
  • How many sessions will You need to overcome your mental health issues?
    There is no fixed timeline for therapy. You will work with your therapist to decide an action plan and how to move forward. According to an individual’s case severity, the diagnosis, and the required form of treatment, the number of sessions will vary. At NIRVAAN, we connect you to the best online therapist in India and the best online counsellor in India so that you can work together to find a solution that is suitable for you.
  • How will Online Counselling and therapy work?
    Much like in-person therapy, online counselling and therapy works on a session-based model. You will schedule a session with the therapist at a convenient time and speak and discuss with them from anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour, sometimes more. At NIRVAAN, we have a great team, with the best online therapist in India and the best online counsellor in India who are experts in their fields, who can help you with your issues from the comfort of your home.
  • Accepted payment methods and How does EMI works ?
    We accept Pay pal , Razor pay & Pay U India and most major credit and debit cards through our website payment portal, Yes we do accept EMI options, Only available through Razor pay.
  • Receiving a refund
    Our refund process depends on when you purchased your subscription/Therapy plan to learn about the process or Please reach out to us here for assistance. For Therapy subscription purchases made through the website , we are usually able to accommodate refund requests made within 15 days of your purchase. Lifetime memberships, gift cards of any length, Nirvaan Premium Family Plans, and Bussinuess subscriptions are not eligible for a refund. Full Terms & Conditions for Nirvaan subscription purchases can be found here.
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