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मस्तिष्क तरंगे

  • Music is a highly effective treatment for both chronic and short-term sleep disorders, as per an analysis of recent research. The positive effects of music for sleep are more effective over the passage of time, according to the study which means that the more often you make use of music to aid in sleeping the more effective your method could become.  

  • This Sleep frequency is  guided from the regions of delta and theta  6 Hz to 3hz, It has 3 different layers of mono beat frequencies to help you Sleep

  • faster Being stressed and having elevated levels of cortisol can increase alertness and lead to poor sleep. Listening to this frequency can decreases levels of cortisol


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  •  Zak vankeuren  is an author, spiritual writer, wellness educator, and the founder of We are lucid Daily Online School. B.A. in Psychology from Duke University, with focus in neuroscience and philosophy. 

  • "Meditation and mindset work allowed me to turn a life of suffering, anxiety and depression into a life of infinite joy, freedom, and purpose. Today, I help other humans learn to reduce unnecessary suffering and embody their most free, abundant, and enjoyable lives."

  • Through his lyrical and organic writing and teaching style and experiences, Zaknn enlivens spiritual seekers looking to live with more intuition, empowerment, purpose, confidence, high vibrations, and grace.

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