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मस्तिष्क तरंगे

Bio resonance are electronic waves emitted to diagnose any form of disease. Bio resonance treatments are aimed in rebalancing and re-educating your body, including allergy and intolerance related problems; gastro-intestinal disorders, smoking cessation, allergy treatment, fatigue, insomnia to rheumatoid arthritis, and much more. Every living and nonliving thing has its own resonant frequency. Every organ of the body has its own individual resonant frequency, much like the note of a tuning fork.  All bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi also have their own frequencies, It has been applied to a wide range of people, from babies to mature adults, for over 25 years. . As a result of Bio resonance Therapy, a weakened organ receives energy needed for normal functioning, which is redistributed on a wide scale, restoring the workability of affected organs.


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Jonathan Jabbour  is a music producer, DJ and audio engineer currently based in Orlando, Florida. Jabbour holds a bachelor of audio engineering (studio production) from SAE Sydney, Australia and a Music production certification from Ableton Live school. His skillset includes music composition/arrangement, 
piano/keys/Oriental piano, drums/Oriental drums, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, post-production and live sound. Jabbour was fortunate enough to travel the world and gain music knowledge from different cultures 
(mainly Lebanese/Oriental music, Latin music, and mainstream music). Holding credits on multiple singles,
EP's and album productions as well as being trained from top engineers, Jabbour has the experience to take on
any challenge and provide you with pleasant results.

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