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Alpha Flute

 Alpha Flutes is an instrumental composition that is perfect for yoga, meditation, relaxation and for achieving deep and peaceful sleep. It is a 25-minute meditative journey that will soothe and transport you to a relaxed state of being. This composition and features the beautiful bamboo flute. The Alpha rhythm could have a frequency ranging from 8-13 Hz; however, in most adults, it's between 9 to 11 Hz. This rhythm is located generally in the posterior part of the head when you are awake. 

Based on the ancient raga system, it is designed to soothe the nervous system and help the listener attain deep relaxation, meditation or sleep. The ocean waves, soul-stirring flute and deep ethereal drones will transport you into a peaceful and relaxing state, where the mind is free and the spirit is calm. If Alpha Frequency is combined with Flute ancient raga music, it creates a humming and whistling sound that aids in relaxing the mind. Alpha activity is linked to improved stress levels, anxiety, tension, and discomfort. It could also aid in memory.

A combination of Alpha brainwaves and the Flutes can be utilized for up to 30 minutes of meditation or even practicing mindfulness. It can also help reduce the symptoms of depression.



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  • NIRVAAN aims to bridge the gap between Meditation and Mindfulness through healing frequency based music. We teach the world the importance of inner healing through frequency-based music

  • We believe that where medicines fail, music & mindfulness can heal.​ Listen to the healing playlist which practicing inner healing for a happier and healthier life.

  • Enjoy  the  soothing flute and nature as sound therapy. This ambient nature sound will help you find deep rest and assist you in cultivating a peaceful restorative sleep.

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