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Improve Your Mental health and well-being

Our team comprises highly skilled psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors, and Psychotherapists who collaborate to provide a cohesive and synergistic approach to mental health treatment.

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 Leader in online therapy and counseling services

Best Online therapy In India


Government-Funded Mental Health Organization

We are a government-funded mental health organization, making our services accessible and tailored to your unique needs.



Our goal is to match you with the right therapist who can provide the personalized support you need to overcome trust issues and any other challenges you may be facing.


Multidisciplinary Team of Experts

Our team comprises highly skilled psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors, and music therapists who collaborate to provide a cohesive and synergistic approach to mental health treatment. 

Start The Journey

  • 18 Weeks Of Unlimited Therapy & Psychometric Test

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Nirvaan Vs Traditional in-office therapy

Are You Overpaying for Mental Health Services? Uncover the Truth with Nirvaan





Unlimited Therapy


Credentialed Therapist

Easy Scheduling



Easy to switch providers

Always Access

Your Gateway to Unlimited Therapy

Value Beyond Price, Starting at 297 Rs



48-Hour Money-Back Guarantee

Infuse Science-based Music Therapy



Limited Sessions, Limited Progress

Average Cost is 800/1000 Rs for 30 mins 



Uncertain Outcomes, No Assurance

Missing Out on Innovative Approaches



Mental Health, Diagnostic Precision & Elevating Mental Health Assessment


Anxiety Unveiled: The Art and Science of Precise Mental Health Diagnosis


Experience the precision of Nirvaan's diagnostic approach, where certified online therapists utilize cutting-edge screening tests to comprehensively assess anxiety disorders. With expertise and precision, we decipher the nuances of anxiety disorders, laying the foundation for a counseling journey that resonates with your unique mental health landscape.

Navigating Anxiety with Nirvaan's Therapeutic Toolkit

Discover Calm: Nirvaan's Therapeutic Tools for Anxiety Relief

Embark on a transformative journey at Nirvaan, where our therapeutic toolkit, anchored by cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy, guides you through the maze of anxiety. Our adept therapists uncover the roots of your anxiety, leading you through personalized CBT sessions that dismantle negative thought patterns. Complemented by exposure therapy, our toolkit aids in desensitizing you to anxiety triggers, fostering a gradual and enduring healing process. Let Nirvaan be your compass to a serene, more resilient version of yourself.


Effective Anxiety Counseling: Nirvaan's Evidence-Backed Strategies

Discover Nirvaan's Anxiety Therapy Benefits

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  • Safe Spaces: Nirvaan ensures a judgment-free zone for discussing concerns, and eliminating stigma through anxiety therapy.

  • Focused Approach: Nirvaan helps pinpoint areas for improvement, guiding individuals through comprehensive anxiety counseling.

  • Our unique strength lies in the integration of traditional psychotherapies with the therapeutic potential of scientific music. By incorporating evidence-based music therapy techniques, we enhance emotional regulation, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being

  • Goal Guidance: Nirvaan's therapists assist in defining and achieving life goals through comprehensive anxiety counseling.

Try the Nirvaan's approach to Generalised Anxiety Disorder treatment

Hamara scene alag hai

Picture karo,  Spa, but exclusively for your mind. Yeh koi normal doctors ka gang nahi, yeh hai hamare 'Mind Ninjas.' Aaram aur pyaar se, aur thoda saazish-mazak ke saath! Kyunki mental health ab boring nahi, cool hai!


Try the Nirvaan's approach to Anxiety treatment

Consultation, Assessment, and Diagnosis

Treatment Plan Developement

Cutting-edge Tailored Plans

Access self-care tools

Choose Over 100+ Music/Sleep Therapies, 

The Team.

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Ridhima Raizada

Dr. Bhavna Rawlani

Bhavna Rawlani

Zainab fatima

Zainab Fatima

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Meeta Mukherji

Kinisha Sanghvi

Kinisha Sanghvi

Dr. Shivani khetan

Dr. Shivani khetan

dr sarvat

Dr. Sarvat Iqbal

Certified & Experienced

Get the best online Therapy in India Start Therapy and Counseling today, from experienced Verified Professionals. Top Therapists for your mental health from all around the world.


Employing biofeedback techniques, we help individuals gain awareness and control over physiological responses, promoting relaxation and stress reduction.

Evidence-Based Integration

Our approach combines scientifically-proven psychotherapies with evidence-based music therapy, ensuring a data-driven and effective treatment path.

What we Treat

Therapy for Anxiety

Therapy For Anxiety

If you are struggling with anxiety, seeking therapy can be a life-changing decision. Therapy can help you identify and manage the underlying causes of your anxiety, learn coping skills to deal with difficult situations, and improve your overall quality of life.

Therapy for Depression

Therapy For Depression

Depression can feel like an isolating and overwhelming experience, but therapy can provide a safe and non-judgmental space to process your emotions and develop new perspectives. Overcome depression with Nirvaan therapy

Warning Signs Therapy for OCD

Therapy For

Therapy can effectively treat OCD. Nirvaan offers evidence-based therapy, including ERP, to help you overcome intrusive thoughts and behaviors. Book us today to start your journey towards managing your symptoms and improving your quality of life.

Panic Attack Therapy for Break Up

Therapy for

Going through a break-up or tough time in love can be an incredibly difficult and painful experience. Counseling can provide a supportive and non-judgmental space to process your emotions and develop healthy coping strategies. 

Therapy for PTSD

Therapy For

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be a debilitating mental health condition that affects many individuals who have experienced traumatic events. Therapy is an effective tool for managing PTSD symptoms and improving overall well-being.

Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Therapy For Bi-Polar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can be a complex and challenging condition to manage, but therapy can provide a supportive and empowering space to develop effective coping strategies and improve overall quality of life.

Therapy for Overthinking

Therapy For Overthinking

Overthinking is exhausting and can mean you both sabotage good things or avoid making any decisions. Research from Harvard medical school even links excessive activity in the brain to a shorter life span, which could be be connected to overthinking,

Cognitive Process Therapy for ADHD

Therapy For 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be a challenging condition that affects many aspects of daily life, but therapy can offer effective strategies and support to manage symptoms and improve overall functioning.

What people say about us


It's amazing. I mean trust me if you are willing to have that change in you and you are correct place. I got a deep connection with Nirvaan and also I would like to thank Preethi Ma'am for helping me out a lot Now also I get into the worst situation but I handle it very nicely all thanks to Nirvaan. They got something really positive way. Their way of handling situations and now my mind is really nice and I'm really happy with my mentor 😊👍


When I contacted Nirvaan, I was hesitant to begin counseling. decided to enroll because of their individualized treatment plans, round-the-clock support, and complete freedom in terms of scheduling therapy. I've gotten really good at controlling my anxieties. My panic episodes have long since disappeared. Best online therapy in India NIrvaan


A therapy that will open your mind and heart, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much about my mind and emotions and how I want to Incorporate it into my daily life, relationships and personality all thanks to Nirvaan

Who Are We?

NIRVAAN stands as an online mental health organization with a significant backing from the Indian Government. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate meditation and mindfulness, leveraging the powerful influence of healing frequency-based music.

Dedicated to making a meaningful impact, especially for those grappling with Anxiety/Depression, our therapeutic approach is a carefully crafted fusion of proven practices. We draw inspiration from psychotherapy, counseling, mindfulness, Indian philosophy, and the scientifically-supported healing qualities of music. In just a few minutes each day, our online sessions are designed to bring a sense of calm and focus to your life and that of your loved ones.

At NIRVAAN, we believe in going to the roots for a profound change in how we experience and navigate life. Our commitment lies in facilitating healing, making a genuine and lasting difference in your mental well-being journey. Join us as we redefine online mental health support, one harmonious session at a time.

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  • Who are we ?
    NIRVAAN is an Indian-Govt funded startup that aims to bridge the gap between meditation and mindfulness through healing frequency-based music. We impact the world through mindfulness - especially to those with Anxiety/Depression, Our therapy is a combination of best practices and concepts from psychotherapy, counselling mindfulness, Indian philosophy & Science-based healing music can help you and your loved ones find more calm and focus in just a few minutes throughout the day. We Believe that to truly see change in how we feel and act within Life, we have to engage from the roots. This is why we focus on helping you heal rather than teaching you a skill
  • Can I choose my therapist as per my own needs?
    Yes. Finding the right therapist who is the right fit for you may not happen immediately. You may need to try speaking to a few therapists in order to find a comfort level. You may also need to choose a therapist who specializes in your problem. You can choose to work with the best online therapist in India and the best online counsellor in India for your needs, through NIRVAAN. We are a platform that connects you to the best online therapist in India.
  • How many sessions will You need to overcome your mental health issues?
    There is no fixed timeline for therapy. You will work with your therapist to decide an action plan and how to move forward. According to an individual’s case severity, the diagnosis, and the required form of treatment, the number of sessions will vary. At NIRVAAN, we connect you to the best online therapist in India and the best online counsellor in India so that you can work together to find a solution that is suitable for you.
  • How will Online Counselling and therapy work?
    Much like in-person therapy, online counselling and therapy works on a session-based model. You will schedule a session with the therapist at a convenient time and speak and discuss with them from anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour, sometimes more. At NIRVAAN, we have a great team, with the best online therapist in India and the best online counsellor in India who are experts in their fields, who can help you with your issues from the comfort of your home.
  • Accepted payment methods and How does EMI works ?
    We accept Pay pal , Razor pay & Pay U India and most major credit and debit cards through our website payment portal, Yes we do accept EMI options, Only available through Razor pay.
  • Receiving a refund
    Our refund process depends on when you purchased your subscription/Therapy plan to learn about the process or Please reach out to us here for assistance. For Therapy subscription purchases made through the website , we are usually able to accommodate refund requests made within 15 days of your purchase. Lifetime memberships, gift cards of any length, Nirvaan Premium Family Plans, and Bussinuess subscriptions are not eligible for a refund. Full Terms & Conditions for Nirvaan subscription purchases can be found here.
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