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Ivory Keys

Ivory keys unlocks the beauty of piano melodies and leaves a deep relaxed feeling inside the soul. It offers a great sleep and daydream feelings when played. Taking you through all the happy memories of your life, it reminds you of your great journeys and learning that helped you to transform into a better being.


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Myn is a Musician and a Guitarist from Gauhati, Assam. Playful yet introspective,
his melodic style reflects his love of music, improvised and instrumental music streaming from the Kuki community tribes of North Eastern State in India. Self Learn & Self Taught,  Myn started his music career at the age of 18 and continued along with his studies. After Graduate from Gauhati University in 2017, he started his music career as a producer. He  loves philosophy and read lots of it. Myn’s versatility and adaptability allow him to create music in a variety of styles and genres, with his favourite specialities being Rock Ballad, Progressive Metal, and Melodic Pop Rock. Myn produces music and works closely with his clients mostly from Israel, the United States, the
Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar. His music influenced many young people, inspiring them to pursue careers as musicians. 


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